Alina Sayre cut her teeth chewing on board books and has been in love with words ever since. Born in the wrong century, her favorite stories are the ones that take her on magic carpet rides to other times, faraway lands, or inspire her inner 8-year-old. Grateful to follow a God creative enough to speak the world into being and invent flying squirrels, she knows her passion for language is a gift from Him.

After graduating from college in 2011, she took a leap of faith and decided to try living by her pen as a freelance writer, editor, and English tutor. Though it is an ongoing journey of trust, she has thus far avoided living in a cardboard box and enjoys residing with her family in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Most days you'll find her locked in "the tower," wielding the red pen or writing her book-in-progress, a middle-grades children's novel. Dark chocolate, classical music, and scented candles might be part of the mix. But if she's not at home, she's probably out haunting the local used bookstore, learning how to ballroom dance, or scheming up ways to buy, beg, or inherit a Scottish castle.

Find me on Twitter (@AlinaSayre) or Goodreads! I'd love to connect!