November 13, 2013

Moving Day: Friday

Two weekends ago, I helped my cousins move.

It was a happy thing--loading boxes into my car, toting furniture around, helping family settle into a pretty, spacious new home that much betters suits their needs. Their old house wasn't what they needed anymore.

It's just always a bit nostalgic to say goodbye to a place you've lived.

Photo credit: Douglas Porter

It is with that same mixture of anticipation and nostalgia that I get ready to close up this blogspot and move to my new author website on Friday (I'll post the address that day). I'm getting ready to launch my book in December, and I need an online living room big enough to host it. All the old blog posts will show up there, and I'll still be blogging every Friday. The new site is clean, fast, organized, easy to find, and (I think) beautiful. Michael, you're an incredible genius for building it.

But though this blogspot no longer suits my internet needs, it's where I first learned to blog--first agonized over publishing a post--first learned to say vulnerable things out loud. And so, though I'm thrilled to make the move, I quietly turn the key in the lock of this old house and fondly pat the closed door. It's been a good place to live.

Stay tuned for Friday's reveal of my new web address, plus a blog post on the new site!! 


  1. Ooh, exciting. Looking forward to the housewarming party!

    1. Thank you, Ellen! I'm SO very excited to show you my new place!